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Our Ocean Ambassador Team!

Lili: @melissa_lili

“I’ve never felt a sense of passion for anything like I feel for the sea!”

Ryanne: @ryannie.t

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the ocean and the creatures in them. I’m stationed on the island of Guam with my family, right now, and marine conservation is extremely important to the people that live here. Ocean and ocean life support so much of our life here on Guam. I would love to be a part of a program whose goal is to protect our oceans!”

Ashlee: @acombs5

“I have been in love with the ocean from the very first time I visited it. I was intrigued instantly. My true passion is for sharks but I love ALL marine life. I want to do everything in my power to help protect and preserve our oceans and the abundance of exotic creatures it possesses. I grew up reading books, watching documentaries and reading any articles I could able the ocean. I want to take in as much knowledge about the ocean as I can. Because knowledge is power. It’s very important to stress and bring awareness of just how important the worlds oceans are to humanity. The ocean is my escape. My place of serenity. Where my thoughts silence. It has gave me more than I can ever give back to it. I will do anything to save the ocean because I have found a “home” within its depths.”

Sophie: @sophmalinn

“Our earth is about 70% water. We have only explored 5% OF IT. we need to be able to see that other 95 percent clearly, and not through loads of trash.”

Lena: @lenacate

“Our oceans are so vast and full of so many beautiful sea creatures. Without these beautiful sea creatures, life and Earth itself would be a terrible place. It’s important to keep our oceans clean and clear to provide a safe and beautiful home to our beloved sea creatures.”

Ashley: @ashley___elliott

“The oceans don’t deserve to be treated the way they are treated. The oceans are home to a wide variety of marine life and I feel like people just take advantage of that. Nothing deserves to be treated the way they are in this world.”

India: @india.rosiere

“I want to protect oceans because so many oil spills and littering are causing animals to die like sea turtles and whales. If we don’t try to help these cut creatures are going to become extinct we need to help them.”

Jade: @jaideee___

“I love the ocean because I love swimming and it’s almost like a whole other world that animals live in plus everything in the ocean is alive except dead fish but besides that everything is living and protecting the oceans makes it so that we could eat fish instead of meat and helping the animals.”

Nicole: @snikkirs13

“All my life have had a passion for protecting our wild life. I just changed majors in school to start studying marine wild life. Protecting our beaches is so important! Animals need love to <3”

Kaylee: @kaytheghost

“I love the ocean because it’s an important part to the earth filled with wonderful creatures and plants to discover. Protection for our oceans is necessary since so many take it for granted, if we want to continue having a beautiful ocean to explore we must find out ways to keep it safe and out of harm from ourselves.”

Kiersten: @kierstenalyssab

“There are harmless living animals that deserve a life too. They live in our beautiful oceans and they deserve to live in a clean and healthy environment. These oceans will be here after our time and we need to keep them clean for the next generations to come!”

Kaly: @basketcase._

“Over half of the earth is covered in the ocean and if the newer generations especially don’t have a greater awareness of the ocean and how our actions impact it we won’t have a beautiful ocean and amazing species to appreciate for much longer.”

Erin: @erin.michele1

“I love the ocean and all of the creatures living in it, I have so many amazing memories of visiting the beach and watching the waves. The ocean is a natural wonder of the world that is beautiful. It’s devastating to see what it happening to it and the marine life living in it. The ocean is an important part of life. If the ocean is gone there’s nothing left, it needs to be protected and saved.”

Jane: @hood_jane

“Marine life has always had a special place in my heart. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a marine biologist and a killer whale trainer. Taking care of marine life and the earth in general is extremely important. The reason I want to protect our oceans is because we (humans) are the reasons why our coral reefs are dying and in order to change that we have to work together step by step take care of the innocent organisms that are living within our oceans. Something that many people do not know is that these organisms is what makes our world go round. For example, plankton help provide oxygen and that’s something that we all need. Protecting our oceans is something that I would love to be part of!”

Julia: @julesdueling

“I love being on the beach and looking at all of the marine life, I represent a few sea brands and I love it!”

Kirsten: @kirsten.montes

“I love to protect the oceans because I feel people take them for granted! They are such an important part of nature. Everyday more destruction and pollution happens to the oceans and the animals trying to survive have a hard time. I want to protect the oceans because it is very important to appreciate them. They might not be human but they still, need protecting and care!.”

Jordan: @jordyjuicebox

“Where to begin? Since I was a child the ocean has been a being of exploration, home, and awe. My childhood was spent marveling at it and now, in my adulthood, my career surrounds it. The ocean is an integral piece of our world. We are nothing without it. As an ichthyologist, studying elasmobranch behavior, a mission of mine is to educate students of all ages in the importance of the ocean and ocean conservation. I truly believe that education is how we can actually make a difference within this world. My doctoral work will surround this notion and hopefully better conservation methods will be wrought into fruition.”

Kamryn: @kamrynfunk

“I love and adore all creatures god has created on his earth. I feel that us humans have the job to care for his animals when they are in need. I’m also obsessed with sea turtles!!!! I grew up watching the eggs hatch in the dunes and waddle their ways towards the ocean. I absolutely hate when they don’t make it out to safety because of trash or human pollution surrounding the bays! I’d do anything to save those turtles (and all other animals of the ocean) !!”

Michaela: @mmarfori15

“Every other year, I am fortunate enough to spend two weeks in Maui, Hawaii, so I am, of course, a “lover” of oceans. Personally, I would not want to spend my day at the beach if it is dirty, or just simply unprotected because I know how harmful it can be to the animals and other things in the water. Also, I love giving back to the seas because I have such an amazing time there, and the least I can do is help protect it. I would love to help with the oceans, and encourage other people to protect it, too.”

Sarah: @sarah.chann

“I love protecting the ocean because it’s just another way to support cleaning our earth. The earth let’s us live here so protecting it is the least we can do. I always travel to the beach with my family to enjoy the ocean and I definetly would not want it to be filled with trash. I would love to help and make any difference if I can!”

Lindsey: @lindseyconner17

“As a FL resident I experience everyday the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer, when I notice pollution on my beaches or on my river banks it’s so upsetting and I feel like the little impact of me picking up trash just isn’t enough and I want to help our earth in other ways.”

Carter: @carter_call8

“As a child I was TERRIFIED by the ocean (and what was in it). As the years passed and my family and I continued coming back to various beaches I found a calmness and serenity being released from the vast body of water. I was obsessed with marine life from the time I was able to stick my toes in the sand and still am. I’ve recently decided to pursue a career in marine biology. The facts and stats are there our oceans are in trouble and so are the innocent animals who call it home. It’s our job to help!”

Baylor: @baylorrjohnson

“I love and want to protect our oceans because their are many things people do to harm them. People pollute and trash the oceans, and I am just hoping to help even if it only does pick up one speck of trash, I made our world one speck cleaner/better.”

Marcela: @mafontanezi

“When I moved to California I came to see life with other eyes, a special way the energy that the waters of the ocean and the life in it brings are special.”

Hayley: @hayleyhaeussler

“I’ve been visiting the Southern California Coast as long as I can remember and have been in love with the ocean my entire life. My final project in high school was a presentation on shark finning and raising awareness of its harmful effects to not only the species, but the ecosystem it resides in. I made pins for my classmates, I tweeted about it constantly, and I still bring it up in day to day conversation when I have the chance. I’m here to love and protect all living creatures and ecosystems, but the Sea will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Amie: @amietriplett

“I have visited the beach a lot through my life and I feel the want to save the ocean after seeing lots of trash being left around on the beaches I’ve been to. I believe that the oceans should be preserved. I want to help in any way I can.”

Mikaela: @mikaelacrosby

“I love our seas because I have always gone ever since I was a kid, being at the sea is my favorite thing in the whole world. Seing online and in person, our oceans trashed, is horrific. The animals that live in the ocean are so sacred and important and it’s horrible how people just litter & risk their lives. I want to help protect not only our Earths waters, but the animals that live in them as well :)”

Emmy: @horror.junkie_

“Saving and protecting the oceans is something I’ve always cared about. I just feel at peace by the ocean. It’s were my heart is.”

Deanna: @lll0___0lll

“I’ve always felt connected with animals. But what most people forget is there is animals in our sea as well. So when people litter they never think it’ll harm a sea creature. I love sea critters and do everything in my power to keep them out of harms way. Heck, I know the little mermaid word for word!”

Haley: @haley.fitzjerrell

“I feel it’s our duty as humans to protect and respect the earth we live on. It provides a home, food, and water for us and it’s a beautiful place to be. The ocean deserves to be taken care of.”

Emma: @emmaleah_22

“I have always wanted to help anyway I can.”

Kirstin: @its_kirstin

“I’ve lived by the ocean for most of my life, it’s all that I remember. I’ve always had a passion for protecting our beaches and saving marine life. I feel at home in the water, and I would love to protect that home.”

Lisa: @lisachellman

“Many people don’t care about the ocean and don’t take into consideration that the ocean is the marine animals home just like the earth is ours. I want to help people realize that.”

Kaylee: @queenkaylee__

“I have always been super inspired by marine life. when i was a child, all i would watch all day was The Titanic. sharks are my absolute favorite. my dream goal is to protect and clean up the oceans so more marine life will have their chance to live. My dream job is to become a marine biologist.”

Sophia: @plural.soph

“Our oceans definitely need our help, they are one of the most important things on this earth and they just aren’t appreciated enough. With all of the over-fishing and polluting, it’d be great to be in a program that raises awareness about taking care of our beautiful oceans :)”

Latrice: @its_Sunshineee

“I’ve always had a love for the ocean and wildlife and I advocate to protect it! I feel like I am one with the ocean!”

Meredith: @merrigill26

“I live by the beach so the ocean has always been apart of my life. I’ve helped with beach clean ups and can’t stand to see what we have done to our oceans. I want to help as much as I can for our sea life. I even got a mermaid tattoo on my arm to express my love for the water!”

Savannah: @vanna_o

“Growing up in southern California & constantly going to the beach definitely played (or plays) a factor in wanting to keep our oceans clean. It’s so so important and people don’t understand it! if we don’t do something, who will? I’m such an animal lover and i’m always going to want to protect them at all costs, and that includes protecting our oceans. I’ve been part of multiple beach clean ups and i’m always looking for ways to help!.”

Karenna: @karennaheil

“I fell in love with the ocean and its inhabitants at a very young age. I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean and the creatures we’ve never discovered. I am very passionate about ocean preservation and I would love to be an ambassador for this program. The ocean is my safe place and I don’t ever want to imagine a world without the ocean.”

Alyssa: @fwalyxssa

“I have always had an interest in the ocean, and i have always wanted to make a difference in our oceans. Knowing how many marine animals are being injured due to how people treat the waters is heartbreaking, and i want to help with it. Every day we lose out on clean water, just because of us throwing trash and wastes into the waters.”

Madison: @akaizerrenkoto

“I want to be an ambassador for Be for the Sea because I believe that our oceans and the wildlife in them are so important for our world. I love being able to live by the ocean and see it look beautiful everyday and I want to save the plants and animals the reside there. I think it’s important to educate oyhers about the issues going on around us and I think it would be great to be apart of your team.”

Emily: @lyskii7

“I’ve always had a love for the ocean and aquatic life. I want to help protect the oceans to keep them ravishing and habitable for our aquatic animals.”

Madeline: @maddie_rose2112

“I want to protect our oceans because I feel that it is important to save the wildlife within it and save the waters that provide so much for our world.”

Mikayla: @mikayla.lunaa

“I was always on YouTube as a kid and I always stumbled upon videos about the oceans. The videos would show all the trash that is in the ocean and what it can do to our animals. I just want help with whatever I can, small or big business , as as I can make a difference!”

Nicole: @xnicolehamletx

“Oceans have the most unique way of always being a type of escape for people, whether it be watching ocean waves crash into a beach or exploring the reefs and life around them. The ocean affects everybody and I intend to stand to make it a better place for the beautiful life that it holds.”

Tatiana: @tatiana.d.rivera

“Since I was born by the ocean (Miami) I am always at the beach and cleaning up after myself and others to protect the animals.”

Lianna: @lb.jean

“I love the sea life. I don’t personally live by an ocean but I’d love to! I feel our ocean is a magical place and needs to be cherished and loved.”

Alexsandra: @alexsandrapatten

“I used to live in California and always donated to the organizations around the world and find this to be a little bit easier so I decided I want to join :)”

Maddie: @_maddie_grimes_

“Because I think that it is important to care for everything cause we may not realize when it’s gone.”

Britan: @_britanderson_

“I have always had a passion for the ocean and marine life. I have a deep love for animals and the beach in general. I use to live in Florida with my grandfather for a short time, who lived right on the beach. In the morning if you stood of the dock you could see dolphins and manatees and all the beauty of the ocean. It breaks my heart to see anything from garbage to pollutants destroy something that I feel is a part of who I am.”

Megan: @mm.grubb

“This is something I’ve always been extremely passionate about. Animals and wildlife need to be protected for so many reasons. Littering and pollution caused by humans is unacceptable and the word needs to be spread so all living creatures can stay alive and healthy while we share the earth.”

Savannah: @sav.martinez

“I want to protect out oceans because the marine life can not stop the constant trashing of our beaches and oceans so it is our job to help protect these Innocent creatures who cannot defended themselves against the people polluting our oceans.”

Samantha: @little_miss_samshine

“Beauty to me is the ocean. The ocean is the beginning to every moment of happiness that I have in my head. When I think of an ocean, I think a large beautiful body of water that homes so many different types of sea life that it hurts to think it could ever be harmed, or disappear. I want other people to experience the happiness I feel when I begin to think about the ocean.”

Kayley: @kayleycouture

“I love the ocean and animals so i want them to be safe.”

Jessica: @jbethard

“I love the ocean. I’ve spent my life living near an ocean. I was on the Gulf Coast during the BP oil spill and remember the long lasting effects of that. I now live in the Pacific coast and just want our oceans and the beaches to stay magical.”

Ally: @allyhorvath13

“I always have been fascinated by the beauty of our oceans. I believe that the ocean is very much alive and needs to be protected from harmful things that humans have been doing to it. I grew up near the ocean and I’ve been in love with it since I was little.”

Rebecca: @moyerrebecca

“Ever since I was four years old I’ve been against animal captivity. I live near the ocean and I’ve learned to care and love the ocean life. I’m at least in the water every week and I’m so mesmerized by marine life and I think by being an ambassador for you I can spread love and awareness for our oceans.”

Dawn: @dawnalulu

“I live on Oahu for a reason- because I love the ocean. I live here for the beauty and sense of calmness the ocean provides. It’s very hurtful to me when looking for seashells along the shore to find little pieces of plastic in their place. The ocean gives me a sense of belonging and is where I feel most at home. I would do anything to protect my home.”